Arturo Serrano


Arturo Serrano was born in Colombia in 1982.
In Spanish, his stories have appeared in the science fiction anthology Cronómetros para el Fin de los Tiempos and in Axxón magazine.
In English, he has been published in Antimatter Magazine and Black Bough Poetry.
He is part of the team of translators at bilingual science fiction magazine Constelación, and a reviewer at the Hugo-winning blog Nerds of a Feather.
He is the author of Doves & Dissenters, a pacifistic game supplement for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.
To Climates Unknown is his first novel in English.



Drave Robber про Serrano: To Climates Unknown: An Alternate History of a World Without America [en] (Альтернативная история) 29 01
What starts as a daunting thought experiment on what could have been, had the proverbial butterfly flapped its wings – gradually deteriorates into a schematic chronicle that only serves as a background to sermonizing on anti-colonialism, gender identity, climate change and all things politically correct. Asilil but certainly not worth the effort.
Оценка: плохо